Universe of Chaos


I have created a narrative framework in which all of the stories I write, exist and build on the foundation within the universe, worlds, and events created during my first book

Universe of Chaos

The Writers of the Universe

Jeremy’s last words may have severed the writer’s control over us earthlings and the universe may not have ended like Fate believed it would, but certainly it was changed. Like rain mixing together in a puddle all of the many universes the writers wrote about snapped into one mega-verse. Planets collided with suns and entire galaxies were lost. To make matters worse, stories collided with other novels that were previously separated by time, space and hardback book covers. What’s next in the Universe of Chaos: Aliens fighting wizards, cats marrying dogs, chaos abounds; well maybe not the middle one. A Universe of Chaos it truly has became. Be sure to follow this new universe of novels and short stories as the world of Aura evolves and writes its own unique path through history in the follow up, The King’s Challenge and beyond.