Welcome to my website! With this blog, I hope to bring an ecosystem of music, story, and art that I have created. Some people love music and I hope my music can conjure up the imagination described in my writing and bring their eyes to the page, likewise I hope my writing will fill your soul with music and imagery that would bring your ears to the noise. I hope whatever brings you here that you’ll find something that connects with you.

I will also be the first one to admit that I make “weird” music and stories. They’re not written for everyone to enjoy, mostly myself as that’s been the only person for a very long time who has enjoyed these things I create. I like noisy messy guitar music, I can’t sing, I spell really badly, my prose is weak, my stories are far-out, but man do I enjoy making this stuff, and I hope you enjoy it too.

I have decided to serialize my Novels right here on the web. Please follow the links below to view them.

The Writers of the Universe

The ending has been changed! Through their words written in stories and books, The Writers of the Universe control the lives of us all. A struggling human author and quite possibly the most unlucky person in existence, is about to leap from the page and journey to realms unknown in order to bring back chaos and freewill to the universe. For without uncertainty, without fear of the unknown, there is no point in going through life if its only purpose is to get to the end of the book.

Read More Here: The Writers of the Universe



A Short 4-chapter Adventure Story good for anyone looking for a quick whimsical escape.

Read the Full Story Here: Rainboots