The Narrative Universe of Chaos


I have created a narrative universe and framework. In which all of the stories I write, exist and build on the foundation of the universe, worlds, and events created during my first book. Much like Marvel Cinematic Universe or the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. All books that I have written take place at different times and places within the Universe of Chaos. There exists no map of this universe, but there is a consistent timeline. Beginning with The Writers of the Universe, and stepping onto the world of Aura with The King’s Challenge and the STAR CX Saga, this timeline can be followed from year zero all the way to “past”, “present”, and “future.”

Fundamental Laws

There are 2 fundamental laws of this narrative universe.

  1. The Writers exist to control all things
  2. FATE guides the chosen few to fight and keep the universe free

Universe of Chaos

I have a roadmap of stories that I wish complete in this narrative universe. The past, present, future is only informative to how we humans would recognize the world and the divide between magic/superstition and science/technology.

Year Zero – The Writers of the Universe – (Published)

The Past

Year 4075 – The King’s Challenge – (Published)

Year 5230 – STAR CX Saga – (3/10 Published/Ongoing Series)

The Present

Year 7575 – Emissary of Erosion – (Planned/ Not Yet Written)

Year 7580 – The Machine of Infinite Love and Hate – (Planned/Not Yet Written)

The Future

Year 10310 – Among The Clouds – (Written/Not Yet Published)

Year 10310 – Among The Stars – (Planned/Not Written)

I hope you’ll join in on the journey. While writing this narrative universe, I’ve done my best to keep each individual story as standalone and all the Universe of Chaos stuff is there in the background for most of these stories. So no matter where you pick up and read from, you’ll get a great story and if you want more depth to the world it exists.

Complete aside but this is my 100th post on this blog! Whoo!