The Writers of the Universe


Stew Stunes’s first full-length novel is available on Amazon. The story is a mashup of science fiction and many different genres, often called a bizarre and wild adventure. If you like alternative and slightly off-kilter books than this one is for you. You’ll never read a story like it in this universe.

The Writers of the Universe

The ending has been changed! Through their words written in stories and books, The Writers of the Universe control the lives of us all. A struggling human author and quite possibly the most unlucky person in existence is about to leap from the page and journey to realms unknown in order to bring back chaos and free will to the universe. For without uncertainty, without fear of the unknown, there is no point in going through life if its only purpose is to get to the end of the book.



The Writers of the Universe – The Web Novel

I present the full unabridged novel of The Writers of the Universe below in a web novel format. It is free to read each chapter, all I ask is a review or shout out on twitter. Thanks!

  1. The Quill
  2. The Long Weekend
  3. Downturn
  4. The 5th World
  5. Hunted
  6. Out of the Mind and Into the Page
  7. Dragons in Space
  8. A Perfect Story
  9. The Unluckiest Man
  10. As it is written
  11. Permanent Ink and Tattoos
  12. The Library
  13. My History
  14. Fight the Universe
  15. Red Feathers
  16. The Search
  17. Down on Paper
  18. The Last Chapter
  19. Afterward

Soundtrack for The Writers of the Universe

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About Stew Stunes

A father and IT professional by day, an author and father by night. Stew Stunes navigates the rift between the Universe of Chaos and our own world. Bringing you stories of heroes, fables, and all things weird and unbelievable. From past, present, and future, The Writers of the Universe kick off the ultimate battle between The Writers and FATE. Continuing with the dark fantasy novel The King’s Challenge and the cyber-punk sci-fi adventure Among The Clouds, the world of Aura expands and grows as forces within and beyond fight to regain THE END. Each story in the Universe of Chaos catches a glimpse of the eternal war between control and chaos, and the heroes who find themselves entangled in the impossible position of surviving between these two opposing forces.

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