STAR CX: VS. 1.5 – I/O


I made a promise to complete NaNoWriMo, but that didn’t stop me from prepping and getting the final version of the next “Verse” in the STAR CX Saga complete. I am very happy to announce the publication and release of STAR CX: VS. 1.5 – I/O

The first night of any job can be fraught with worry and confusion. But no one told these recruits to the trelven army that their opening night would be dealing with murder, facing the enemy of their nightmares, and being sent off on an adventure doomed to fail. For Ahy and Ough, this fate-filled night would be the start of a quest like none had ever attempted. Their mission: cross the forbidden mountains of Gre-Llue to the land of Redren, break a 2 thousand year treaty, and convince the king of the humans to aid the last free city of the trelves. The only problem, Ahy and Ough might be the worst pair of trelves to be given such an important duty. For you see, they hold no such experience in things like fighting, hunting or even walking through the woods.

STAR CX: VS. 1.5 – I/O

If you are wondering what this strange looking series of fantasy novellas is about, I recommend you check out the FREE and first Novella STAR CX: VS. 1 – A Saga of Starcrossed Souls. Alternatively, you can read Chapters 1 – 4 (VS. 1) and Chapter 5-7 (8 comes out next Wednesday, VS. 1.5) right here on my blog.

Once again I would like to thank and direct people to his website, Seth J. Young, the artist who made the cover art for this book. Fun fact, this is actually the first cover we collaborated on.

STAR CX: VS. 1.5 - I/O

The paperback edition of VS. 1.5 will be ready soon. I’ll have a separate announcement when that occurs.

Why 1.5?

The story of Ahy and Ough’s Adventures weaves between and within the STAR CX saga. From a single chapter, it grew in size until I felt like their tale required a separate distinction and narrative. To put simply, I fell in love with these characters and thought they deserved more than a single chapter tacked onto the beginning and end of the main storyline. I hope, dear reader, that you will embrace a young author’s indulgence and enjoy this bizarre fantasy from the other side of Aura.

The Spark

Long before it became a part of the STAR CX Saga, the spark for this particular story started with a seemingly innocuous non-sequitur thought of mine. What if you had like these two fantasy trope tough guys, but one of them got a foot blister while marching to their destination. The other one having to learn to care for the other and while the blistered one comes to terms with his inherent frailty and the adventure taking a much different turn. From there the idea spiraled into what I present to you today. The story was originally titled, Hunter/Gatherer.