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Verse 1 – A Saga of Starcrossed Souls

In space, there is no light but which you make for yourself.

STAR CX follows two heavenly bodies that through an unbelievable mistake end up going on a journey across space and lifetimes. A mashup of sci-fi and fantasy adventure, mixed with spicy romance and sweet slice-of-life moments. This saga begins with a cosmic collision, and ends int he world of Aura. Picking up 600 years after The King’s Challenge with a multitude of diverse characters, STAR CX is a story unlike any other in this world or the Universe of Chaos.

  1. VS.1 – A Saga of Starcrossed Souls – Available Now!
    1. Prologue
    2. Legends and Myths
    3. Hruks
    4. What Now?
    5. The Fall

Verse 1.5 – I/O

For Ahy and Ough, this fate-filled night would be the start of a quest like none had ever attempted. The only problem, Ahy and Ough might be the worst pair of trelves to be given such an important duty. For you see, they hold no such experience in things like fighting, hunting or even walking through the woods.

  1. VS 1.5 – I/O
    1. I/O

Verse 2 – Her Light Illuminates All

After an ambush of hruks leaves Aster broken and abandoned, each move becomes a battle of strength and will. With growing distrust in his missing companion Flaira, Aster cannot be certain if he is saved or doomed. As his rescuer turns out to be an emissary from the church of Actys, Diodotus. They aim to bring peace and the light of Tetra to illuminate all. Claiming to have the blessing of their god Tetra to cast out the evil fulken magic within the northern territory of Priam.

Available now via Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.


Verse 3 – Rest & Revenge – Coming March


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