Among The Clouds


A Novel by Stew Stunes

A Wild Girl, A Toxic Mist, A Rebel Princess && The City Among The Clouds


Jai is a huntress warrior for her tribe. When her village and mother falls sick from a toxic mist, she sets her target on the floating city that abandoned the surface centuries ago.

On her journey to find a cure, she encounters allies, violent arcade games, rebel gangs, kings and queens, and a weapon so dangerous that it could rewrite human history. With the help of Alice, the disgraced princess, Jai stumbles and battles through the maze of skyscrapers, love, and advanced technology aboard the floating city. Fighting to return home before time runs out on her loved ones.

Among The Clouds is a female-fronted, fast-paced, YA novel, set in a backdrop of cyberpunk and science fiction aesthetics. Among The Clouds is Stew Stunes third full-length novel which exists within his shared narrative “Universe of Chaos.”


I am very happy to announce that today is May 1, 2018, which coincides with the official release of Among The Clouds, my newest full-length novel. I wrote the first draft of this story back in November 2017 as part of NANOWRIMO, and from there it grew and over the past few months, I’ve molded it into something I am really proud of and hope it provides a great experience.

Over the last few months, in addition to preparing this book, I have re-released all of my previous novels to give them new life and to be more consistent with branding and overall look of the physical and digital product. I’ve put a lot of work into making my books appear as professional and like “bookstore” books as best I can. Check out the New editions of The Writers of the Universe and The King’s Challenge, all stories published so far share a common universe that weaves between each individual and unique story.


Watch the trailer for the book release

Check out the unboxing of the print edition of Among The Clouds.


About Stew Stunes

A father and IT professional by day, an author and father by night. Stew Stunes navigates the rift between the Universe of Chaos and our own world. Bringing you stories of heroes, fables, and all things weird and unbelievable. From past, present, and future, The Writers of the Universe kick off the ultimate battle between The Writers and FATE. Continuing with the dark fantasy novel The King’s Challenge and the cyber-punk sci-fi adventure Among The Clouds, the world of Aura expands and grows as forces within and beyond fight to regain THE END. Each story in the Universe of Chaos catches a glimpse of the eternal war between control and chaos, and the heroes who find themselves entangled in the impossible position of surviving between these two opposing forces.

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