STAR CX: VS 1 – Available Now!


The day has finally come! The extremely anticipated release of STAR CX: Verse 1 – A Saga of Starcrossed Souls has arrived**. **I hope you are as excited as I am to hold your own copy of the first part in this grand adventure.

Amazon Paperback – $6.00

Amazon eBook – $1.49

CreateSpace Paperback – $6.00

“I wish to go on an Adventure…”

STAR CX follows two heavenly bodies that through an unbelievable mistake end up going on a journey across space and lifetimes. A mashup of sci-fi and fantasy adventure, mixed with spicy romance and sweet slice-of-life moments. This saga begins with a cosmic collision, and ends int he world of Aura. Picking up 600 years after The King’s Challenge with a multitude of diverse characters, STAR CX is a story unlike any other in this world or the Universe of Chaos.

STAR CX is being published in an 8 part serialized format, Verse 1 – A Saga of Starcrossed Souls is the first light novel in the series.

Reminder that on Wednesday 10/18/2017, I will start posting chapters from STAR CX here on my blog as a gift to all.