Linux for Authors

Linux For Authors Each time I finish a major project or start to think of a new one I like to collect my thoughts on what worked and didn’t work.

The Narrative Universe of Chaos

I have created a narrative universe and framework. In which all of the stories I write, exist and build on the foundation of the universe, worlds, and events created during my first book.

Winter Migration is moving! Or at least it has already moved and if you are viewing this post, welcome to the new website.

STAR CX: VS. 1.5 – I/O

I made a promise to complete NaNoWriMo, but that didn’t stop me from prepping and getting the final version of the next “Verse” in the STAR CX Saga complete.

STAR CX: Chapter 4 – The Fall

STAR CX Stew Stunes STAR CX is being published in an 8 part serialized format, Verse 1 – A Saga of Starcrossed Souls is the first novella in the series.

NaNoWriMo and Me

That’s right folk’s I’ve embarked on the annual November challenge of writing an entirely new 50,000+ word novel in one month.