NaNoWriMo and Me


That’s right folk’s I’ve embarked on the annual November challenge of writing an entirely new 50,000+ word novel in one month. So far I am 11,595 words into it and I can say that I am having a blast. It is so freeing to just write and get out of the little bubble I’ve been in with my ongoing series STAR CX. The story I am developing 1700 words at a time is called Among the clouds, here’s the tagline.

When a mysterious gas is dropped on her village that leaves her mother near death, a young woman sets out to take down those responsible and find a cure. The only problem, she has to get on a city floating a mile above the ground and learn how to survive in a society far more advanced than her own.

This novel IS set in the very far future of Aura and my Universe of Chaos! And for some far out reason, I have been inspired by the look and feel of vaporwave aesthetics in my inspiration for parts of the story.

But with all choices in life there are consequences, and right now those are that I will not be posting as much this month and the release date of Vol 1.5 of STAR CX is being pushed back to December. It’s a tragedy but I want to give all of you the best version of each story so I don’t want to rush things when I am focusing on a different goal.

As a thank you to my readers for waiting, I will be releasing the last chapter of STAR CX: Verse 1 – A Saga of Starcrossed Souls on Tuesday evening! A few hours earlier than normal.

Happy writing and happy reading! Goodluck to all the other participants in this year’s NaNoWriMO{.}!

You can watch my daily progress right here and hold me accountable!