A list of links to all the different ways one can purchase my books

Amazon author page:

The King’s Challenge
“The once prosperous nation of Redren fought back against the darkness. A darkness that entered their world through an impossible event and promised to deliver every living soul to its master, Death. The king and magici of an age long past found a way to defeat the darkness and wrote The Knowledge, a historical account that should never be forgotten. Within The Knowledge, they created The King’s Challenge a once in a generation event to determine the king‘s worthiness and readiness should the darkness return. As family and friends fall victim to a faceless shadow who has haunted Khymn throughout her life, she must decide on the ultimate choice: Save the world and turn her back on everything her people hold dear or be the one who allowed permanent darkness to fall over the entire world of Aura.”

CreateSpace Paperback  – $9.00

Amazon Paperback – $9.00

Amazon Ebook – $2.99

The Writers of the Universe
“The ending has been changed! Through their words written in stories and books, The Writers of the Universe control the lives of us all. A struggling human author and quite possibly the most unlucky person in existence, is about to leap from the page and journey to realms unknown in order to bring back chaos and freewill to the universe. For without uncertainty, without fear of the unknown, there is no point in going through life if its only purpose is to get to the end of the book.”

The Writers of the Universe – Createspace Paperback – $9

The Writers of the Universe – Amazon Ebook – $2.99

The Writers of the Universe – Amazon Paperback – $8.55


The Writers of the Universe – Smashwords Ebook – FREE

More ways to get the book are in the works, I’ll let you know as soon as they are available.