Among The Clouds

A Novel by Stew Stunes A Wild Girl, A Toxic Mist, A Rebel Princess && The City Among The Clouds


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The King’s Challenge

Stew Stunes’s second full-length novel is available on Amazon. A female-fronted dark fantasy set in the same narrative universe as The Writers of the Universe, this story takes place in the world of Aura 400 years after the events in the first book, but it is not a direct sequel.


Artwork made for the novels by Stew Stunes. Credit for each cover is given below. All images Copyrighted by Stew Stunes and the Artist who made it.

The Writers of the Universe

Stew Stunes’s first full-length novel is available on Amazon. The story is a mashup of science fiction and many different genres, often called a bizarre and wild adventure.


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