• Wednesday, Mar 18, 2020

A few months back I noticed some links on my old blog that were no longer working, and as things spun out of control I decided to redo both the platform for blogging and the look and feel of this website.

The old version of this website ran marvelously with wordpress on the smallest available instance side inside google cloud. That worked fine, but it was always just a tiny bit slow and the more I thought about it, the more I realized I didn’t need many features. The unfortunate truth is that because wordpress is so popular for blogging, is that it creates a wide target for bots and hackers to attack. In short, all the management features that made wordpress a very nice and easy to use platform, was also creating this insecure mess that I felt I needed to extract myself from. WHy does my very simple website, require a database backend. All my website should do is present content, words, and images, nothing more.

This website is now compiled by Hugo, a static site generator, then uploaded to Amazon’s S3 Storage solution, then using tricks with their CDN called Cloudfront, you are served a website with no backend to manage, just content, words, and images. Plus it is far…far…far…less expensive. like ~$1.50/month vs ~$12.

The hard part, that took many months, was finding a way to convert the old website content from html to markdown syntax, fixing ALL the links, and then working with the new system/layout to get everything perfect.

I also created my own hosting/backend for playing music. I was tired of services like SoundCloud or Fanburst retiring or limiting what I could do, so I rolled my own.

The State of STAR CX

If it’s not obvious to everyone, this project has stalled - hard. I’m still convinced there is a story worth telling inside this project and I do keep chipping away at it, but I have to be honest, I haven’t liked much of what I’ve written in the last year and have had a sort of confidence crisis. So that’s why there hasn’t been a part 3 or beyond. I’m a person that hates giving up, I’ll continue to work on what I have and make it worth your time.

Star CX

I was hoping by revisiting all the posts I’ve written on this blog over the years and touching all the content that used to get me so excited, that is would re-spark the imagination drive again. We’ll see, results to be forth coming.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Crazy world out there, as we all enter lock down due to corona virus, a good way to take your mind of existential terror is enjoying a book. I can offer my books available on amazon, and also The web novel edition of The Writers of the Universe or Rainboots.

Stay safe and strong everyone, together, but isolated, we can defeat this thing.