Read it Here Folks!


Back after a long hiatus…or WAZZZZZUP as the kiddos say these days.

I’ve decided to serialize my novels right here on this blog by giving all of you direct access to the stories I make. I’ll attempt to organize each individual post onto it’s own separate page so that there will be a nice archive of every chapter for each separate story. Kind of like a web version of a table of contents. It’s all very technical in nature as I’m sure you can understand, kidding…I’m the worst at forced humor over the internet…anyways. I’ll be kicking of the web novelization of The Writers of the Universe very soon. The King’s Challenge to follow and then if all goes as planned, I’ll be able to continue with my next story, although it may take a slightly different form than a regular novel. I want to experiment a little with that one…I’ll let everyone speculate on how it will appear o_0

After almost a year of both my books being released, I think it is time to try some other methods to attract readers and hopefully this helps familiarize you with me and I hope you’ll spend a few moments enjoying some fun fiction and letting me know what you think about reading a book, a chapter/post at a time, online or if you find this format to be strange and alien and hard cover is the only way. THE BEST WAY. HDC4LIFE.

Also if it turns out you love my stories, like I know you will, please think about supporting this author by purchasing my books.