Preorder STAR CX VS 2


One can now preorder the digital edition of STAR CX: VS. 2 – Her Light Illuminates All and have it delivered 01:01 AM automatically to your Kindle or phone. The novella will be officially released on Monday 1/15/2018. Verse 2 – Her Light Illuminates All is the third release in the STAR CX Saga.

STAR CX: VS. 2 – Her Light Illuminates All

After an ambush of hruks leaves Aster broken and abandoned, each move becomes a battle of strength and will. With growing distrust in his missing companion Flaira, Aster cannot be certain if he is saved or doomed. As his rescuer turns out to be an emissary from the church of Actys, Diodotus. They aim to bring peace and the light of Tetra to illuminate all. Claiming to have the blessing of their god Tetra to cast out the evil fulken magic within the northern territory of Priam.

Verse 1 and Verse 1.5 are also available in ebook and paperback formats!


STAR CX: VS. 2 – Her Light Illuminates All – Front Cover