My First Con!


Stew here, just got back from my first ever Con! It was a great learning experience and although it was a smaller one I’m very happy with the amount of books I sold. Nowhere near making table, but right now exposure is more important than direct sales.

My only complaint during the entire thing, is that I’m pretty sure I was given the worst spot in the show, by no means was this the fault of the organizers or anything. But I guess they sold 6-foot sections, but only had 8-foot tables, and so the spot to my left was owned by a vendor selling random nerdy wares and their space kind of filled most of my area. I lost a foot of my table space and then they put a clothes rack that covered up an additional six inches of my spot. But I won’t let stuff like this get me down, or act like this is a reason for less sales, as they say sometimes that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Here’s a picture:

First Comic Con

Another crazy (the good kind of crazy) thing that happened at the Con is that my good friend Paul showed up, in real life. I haven’t seen my buddy for about 10 years and out of no where he shows up and gives me some support. He also runs a Let’s Play style YouTube & twitch Channel that I ask all of you to check out, and help support all of us under dogs!

In other news

My summer break is officially over and I am in overdrive mode to finish some things and get some fresh content out that I’ve been teasing all Summer long. Very soon I will have published the first 2 Verses of Star CX! How exciting is that! (very much).

My good friend and Art guy that I commissioned for making the cover art sent me the final cover and I have to say that this has me more excited about this project than I have been in weeks! I will save the picture for it’s own post as it totally deserves some hype and anticipation! Please check out more of his Art at

See you all at the next Con/Show/Event or hashtag!