Introducing Among The Clouds


I am putting the finishing touches on the last round of line editing and getting ready for final formatting for print and ebook of my new novel Among The Clouds. I wrote this novel during NaNoWriMo 2017, and spent the last few months polishing it up, while I relaunched my first 2 novels The Writers of the Universe and The King’s Challenge.

What is Among The Clouds?

Among the Clouds is a fast-paced YA adventure novel, set in a backdrop of cyberpunk and science fiction aesthetics. The basic premise is that a young woman is forced to go on a journey of revenge when the mysterious floating city drops a deadly gas on her village. Below is the back cover blurb.

Jai is a huntress warrior for her tribe. When her village and mother falls sick from a toxic mist, she sets her target on the floating city that abandoned the surface centuries ago.

On her journey to find a cure, she encounters allies, violent arcade games, rebel gangs, kings and queens, and a weapon so dangerous that it could rewrite human history. With the help of Alice, the disgraced princess, Jai stumbles and battles through the maze of skyscrapers, love, and advanced technology aboard the floating city. Fighting to return home before time runs out on her loved ones.

Among The Clouds – May 1, 2018

Among The Clouds is the third novel in my Universe of Chaos, a shared universe where so far all novels and short stories I have published are set.



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