Unpublishable #5: The King Tree


Unpublishable – A series of essays, bits of bad writing and poems, and whatever else I make that doesn’t fit into a traditional writing format.

The King Tree a poem I recently wrote, when I attended my first ever writing workshop. Some things that happened at this workshop, I was the only male and I was the only one writing anything in the realm of fiction. For all of five minutes, I felt slightly uncomfortable, but the wonderful hosts and other writers made me feel right at home with their encouragement and their own works of art.

Here is the start of an epic poem I have been tossing around in my head for a couple of months now.


The King tree – Forgive the late fall winter no leaves situation


The King Tree by Stew Stunes

In the middle of the forest lives the king tree

Standing above all, it stretches over you and me

The king tree is home to birds, critters, and a hive of bees

At the top one can see all the way to the west

But don’t look down for fear of the fall

Most of all, the king tree’s branches hold onto green far into the winter

Its roots grow beyond just this forest

No thicket can hide, no cloud can shield

The king tree can be seen all the way past the stream and field

You ask how can a tree be king when it isn’t even the tallest, nor the first or the most grand

The king tree became so, because when it grew it did not block the glow

It did not take all the water nor did it take too much from the soil

The king tree became so because it let the forest grow

If you have some equally cringe-worthy false starts or other such unpublishable works of art, I would love to feature it here with you.