Unpublishable #3: Let's get Haiku

Unpublishable – A series of essays, bits of bad writing and poems, and whatever else I make that doesn’t fit into a traditional writing format.

As hinted in the last issue, I once was really really into writing haikus and other forms of syllabic poetry. I swear the kid from Hunt for the Wilderpeople and myself share some sort of spirit animal when it comes to making haikus. Haikus are great because they are simple, short, and often force one to use creative wordplay to stick with the beat.

Anyway here’s some eye-roll-causing Haikus


and now a haiku
what is that? you wish to ask
now you know silly

never said goodbye
hope it all goes well, goodluck
laugh longer it helps

friend the best you are
I miss you terribly sis
see you soon, peace out

spaceship, lightspeed, go
robots that move to hard beats
its super duper

do not cross the street
without first looking both ways
welcome, PSA

dude, is that a horse
could it be just a large dog
no, wait, its your mom

see what happened
left all alone, with myself
rebelious words

my hat is cool yo
cant dis this brim, top notch hat
be a gent and tip

saturday was grand
today isnt great but its good
it will get better

4 string or 6 string
G and E string, I play them all
underwear, guitar

I lost it round 10
it’ll come back on its own
sooner the better

clip clop, clip clop click
i know you not just by voice
but even how you walk
its ever so soft and steady
enter a room i know
it is no one else but you
clip clop, clop click clip
graceful from years of training
will you dance with me
so that I can move with you
I may shuffle step
but you know the right step
with you no misstep
the music, it leads us on
the song will never
it will change but never ever
clip clop, click clip clop

If you would like to get Haiku with me and have some unpublishable works of art, I would love to feature it here with you.