Stew's Tunes – The Lost Boy


“…gives me the hope I need while I read about you withering and dying…I wonder if I’m taking the hope you need, gives me the hope I need. I wonder if I’m taking the hope you need…”

To show you how far I have come from one of my first songs here is one of the latest songs I have recorded. The Lost Boy from the album The King’s Challenge.

I don’t mean to gush but I am so proud of the sounds I have captured on this track and the album as a whole. I found an article on Ultimate-Guitar on alternate tunings and that took me to the tuning of C-G-C-G-C-C. THIS is the sound and the noise that I always imagined when playing my guitar and now I have found it and totally and completely fallen back in love with guitar playing. This tuning to me is so much more expressive than standard, and it just works with my simpler brain/chord structures and it fills the void with deep shades and echoes of noise and has this wholesome somberness to it that just speaks to me on a deep level. I’m not saying I’ll never make a song in standard tuning again or anything like that but this music reflects my heart and soul circa 2014-16 and is what I think I will continue to develop my sound and songs in. But who knows, the future is as lost and murky as the boy in this song.

AND possibly even more important than the background of the song, you’ll notice that I’ve sort of figured out how to fit my awkward voice into the music/style. and the big fact that the recording to me at least sounds semi-professional, that counts…right?