Stew's Tunes: Super Scary Movie Monster


I feel that it is appropriate to kick off this new series of blog posts with one of the very first songs I ever recorded.

A Single guitar, A Crackly Squeaky voice, A bad mic and Cakewalk Guitar Pro 3 on my laptop, is what I used to start my recording journey. Song recorded sometime 2006/07 when I was in Freshmen year of School. I was in a band but we weren’t doing much other than hanging out so this was me starting to explore what would be possible with my laptop and the gear I had on hand. It’s good to have humble beginnings and my first few records are extreme examples of that as it wasn’t until much later that I discovered the beauty that is a recording interface/soundcard.

Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated by big movie monsters so you’ll hear that as a recurring theme throughout my music and writing.

If you like this song and hate your ears you can check out a whole bunch of my early music here.