Stew's Tunes: Losing Myself


“How could I be the one?

I’m just a nobody

These days certainly not myself” – Losing Myself – Stew Stunes


A song (and an album) without analog guitar work, how could Stew Stunes make such a thing. Say it isn’t so he’s given up on the guitar and is he even the same artist as before? I’m here to tell you that yes, I am, but differently. It is true, in this song (and album) you will not find much of my regular shrieking guitar licks, replaced by synthesizers and free samples I decided to take a break from my usual and go in a new direction. Using only my computer + inspiration by certain cold-weather royalty + also watching my SO’s great-great grandmother suffer with dementia = Erosion. A sci-fi tale about a man who tries to cure death to ultimately save his wife from dying of a rare cancer. Inadvertently his cure both brings about the end of the world and also hastens his wife’s demise. Also as time goes on he losses all touch with reality….oh boy heavy stuff for sure, but I think the synths and odd beats and instrumentation makes for a good setting to tell such a cold story. This was also my first concept album. It’s really different from anything I’ve ever done and probably will do, kind of stands on it’s own in my catalog of music.

In this song I especially like the pop-punk inspired rhythm with the pulsing noise that brings you to attention. Also “It was all in your mind” is a phrase people always say to those stuck who are battling with the fact that their reality and perspective does not match with ours/yours. Have patience for those suffering with mental illness they are generally trying their best.

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