StarCX: An Introduction


I am writing today to announce and hype a new saga that I will be unleashing upon the universe of chaos very soon. I will be publishing each new chapter of the story here on my website, and then publishing complete volumes of ~ 4-5 chapters worth of story for purchase and for supporting my efforts.

Release date of chapter 1 TBA


A Saga of Starcrossed Souls

Part Scifi, Part fantasy adventure, mixed with romance and sprinkled with quiet slice-of-life moments, containing a multitude of diverse characters to bring to life this saga of the middle ages of the world of Aura and my Universe of Chaos. StarCX follows two suns that through an unbelievable mistake end up going on a journey across space and lifetimes. I invite you to read along with their journey.


In the sky, we twinkle and dance. Some might even call us angels or celestial bodies on high. It is said that we are traveling at an astronomical rate through the universe, but has anyone ever observed a star move or change its place in the night sky?

Those who look up at us, describe us with words like Velocity, Mass, Gravity, Giant, and Yellow. They use these words to understand us; then they always try to get as close as possible by peering at us. Some others say it’s rude to point and stare, but I can’t help when I blush. In their fiction and stories, they tell of grand tales taking place among us, as if we were an attraction at an amusement park.

One day I would love to get down on their level and tell them. Nothing but helium is burning up here. It is down in your towns and villages where all of the life is happening.__
In the sky, we twinkle and dance, but if truth be told we burn with envy at the creatures down below who are more free, then we will ever be.

“I wish to go on an adventure.” She promised to herself and looked beyond her horizon and smiled as she witnessed two stars, far off on the other side of the galaxy, enter into a binary star formation. In this act, promising one another to orbit the galaxy together until the end of the universe.

This story is entirely stand alone, it only exists in the thematic universe created during the events of The Writers of the Universe and explored in The King’s challenge

Better art and visuals to come, I have teamed up with a new artist and I’ll be introducing all of that very soon!

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