Introducing I/O – A StarCX Story


The StarCX Saga comprises many different intertwining stories. I/O is a part of the overarching storyline, but in a way to better introduce these characters, I will soon be publishing a light novel that dives deeper into the Trelven side of the world of Aura and the struggles of the two trelves who have been charged with a most serious and difficult quest.

The first night of any job can be fraught with worry and confusion. But no one told these new recruits to the trelven army that their first night would be dealing with murder, facing the enemy of their nightmares, and being sent off on an adventure doomed to fail. For Ahy and Ough, this fate-filled night would be the start of a quest like none had ever attempted. Their mission: cross the forbidden mountains of Gre-Llue to the land of Redren, break a 2 thousand year treaty, and convince the king of the humans to aid the last free city of the trelves. The only problem, Ahy and Ough might be the worst pair of trelves to be given such an important duty. For you see, they hold no such experience in things like fighting, hunting or even walking through the woods.


I will be revealing more about this story and StarCX over the next few weeks as I ramp up until publication.

You’ll be able to read every word of the adventure right here on my blog, and then if you are so generous I will also publish the novel(s) through Amazon/CreateSpace where you can help support these wild adventures and silly fantasies.