Double. Reverse. Mulan…Plus Trelves






Okay, that’s a weird title man, I know some of those words but they shouldn’t go together like that. – is probably what you are saying to yourself right now.

That’s okay, I would like to introduce to you Trelves

In the world of Aura Trelves are semi-magical creatures. Their society is one of rigid hierarchy, such that for a highborn to so much as curtsey to a lesser trelve is seen as a sign of weakness and opens the door for ridicule and embarrassment. The highborn trelves are generally known for being great thinkers and creators of art and natural born leaders. For the lesser trelves, regular life is a much different story as they are mainly resigned to digging in mines or serving as fresh meat on the sidelines of the great war.

The Kingdom of the trelves was once vast and covered much of the western half of Aura. Their single enemy the hruks was little more than an annoyance with the trelves superior metal forging skills and intelligence. The balance of power shifted the day a star fell from the heavens and landed on Aura. The hruks found a way to capture this fire and use it to make their weapons stronger than anything possible with even the highest skilled at creating fulken fire. After many generations of war, the trelves have been decimated down to one single free Isueltan. Their only hope may lie in the humans to the east, which long ago turned their backs on all fulken kind and in their hatred of magic have sealed themselves away from the tragedy at their doorstep. But the trelves know that the hunger of the horde will not stop with Hadriana, the last Isueltan of the trelves, it will wash over all the world of Aura.


I will soon be unveiling the tale of two trelves in the web novel I/O: A StarCX Story

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