Cover Art – The King's Challenge


For the cover art of The King’s Challenge, I again commissioned my friend Abby Leah and her amazing skills to help make my book stand out. I couldn’t be more pleased and happy with how the artwork came out. It perfectly captures the mood and theme of the story in a simple way that goes beyond anything I could imagine. In older blog posts, you have seen my attempt at visualizing the front cover now behold the complete realization of and perfection of that idea. Without furthermore, I present the official front and back cover art of The King’s Challenge — 11/09/2014

Front Cover
Back Cover

Let me know what you think. Is it too dark? Should I use different colors for the fonts? I still have time to tweak things like that before this goes to press! Adios and see you this Sunday for the conclusion of Rainboots. I might have a surprise for you, dear reader, at the end.