A New Way To Listen


You can now hear all of my music from past to present on Fanburst. I’ll be organizing all of my music from the very weird beginning till now, over the next couple of days. You’ll get a one stop place to see just how a kid who wanted to play the guitar grows from terrible recordings, to noise that can’t even be called music, to probable proof of mild mental issues and the inability to stop. I love music, I love what I create whether it is “good” or “bad” and I won’t ever not make some sort of noise. So here it is, I hope some of you can appreciate it. I love the noise I make, and I know it won’t reach many but, it just might get to yours, and maybe then more than 1 person (thanks mom!) will understand where the noise is coming from and why I push for more.

Sorry about the mess below, I did not realize wordpress could not work with a simple iframe. -> Just follow this link to listen