A New Wave


Before I get into the beans and pork of this post listen to one of my favorite songs:


This might seem very obvious to many readers (and writers), but I began this website and writing career with a very naive assumption, that if I created it and put it online, then people would find it. Turns out it’s a little bit more complicated than that. Driving interest and traffic to your work is probably one of the hardest things to accomplish, especially if you have very little extra money for advertising and double so if you choose to write about fringe scifi and fantasy or anything fairly niche. Not saying it can’t be done, there are many success stories around the net to inspire us all, but those are like the 0.1%, for the rest of us this becomes a big challenge. How do we bring people to our websites? How do we keep them engaged in our content? and most importantly how do we get them to come back or refer our work to a friend or neighbor?

I don’t know yet…

  • I don’t believe in endlessly spamming twitter, Reddit, other people’s blogs, etc with nothing more than self referral links.
  • I don’t love the idea of paying for “foot traffic” on Facebook or to my website
  • I want people to enjoy their time here, not feel like they are part of a “product” or sale
  • I believe art should be shared, not just sold, but I still want people to have the chance to see it.

So what am I to do with my marketing/advertising crisis…

I think for me it’s time to try stepping into the real work, attending local Cons and actually trying to build an organic fan base, instead of some vague belief or idea that people will find me here on this very small slice of the internet pie.

I’ll still be here posting stories and music as much as possible, but just maybe I’ll see you out there riding this new wave, getting out of my comfort zone.