2 Years and 4 Months


The creation date on my file aptly named kingschallenge_notes reads 7/10/2012, or 2 years and 4 months from beginning to end of writing The King’s Challenge. I would say out of that amount of time, I only spent  about 6-8 months actively working on the project. I started this book while I was working for an accurate weather company. My job at the time did not require me to do much more than warm a seat and watch red and green lights. So I kept myself busy by writing. This all changed when I helped out a co-worker by switching to night shift so that he could be home with his children. Things really slowed down for me, both on a personal level and in my writing. I eventually came to a part in my story where I had written my characters into a narrative wall that I could not figure out how to get them out of. And to be honest with all of you, I gave up on the story. 50 pages in and I was telling myself I had lost the desire to write. I then switched over to my other love, music and started making music on my laptop at work. This resulted in some of the worst and most strange music I have ever made. Give it a listen below, warning there is an inappropriate amount of auto-tune being used.

Between making this and endless nights of watching the original twilight zone on Netflix, I made the executive decision to stop being a working zombie and look for a new job. So here I am 2 years later, writing again, gainfully employed during the day, and after making The Writers of the Universe, I received a gut punch of inspiration and decided to look back at The King’s Challenge. After gutting most of what I had written, deleting entire chapters, I set off on a new course full of an actual beginning, middle, ending, and a continuous stream of future stories and books. I am so proud of the work I have made and I can’t wait for everyone to read it. I know you’re all going to love the story. See you all Sunday at 12:01 AM for the release of The King’s Challenge.