Naught Press

I have created Naught Press as 1) to appear more legitimate when selling my novels and 2) in hopes that it can be used to bring together a community or artists that wish to help each other go beyond; write, review, publish on KDP.

Check out the website for more information:

Naught Press

We want to produce beautiful books while giving the artist 100% control over their unique vision. We at Naught Press want to help independent authors gain traction in their niche communities and find readers that otherwise would not give them the time. We can move faster than traditional publishing while producing better stories, but we need your help and input to achieve those goals. I know from experience that I am tired of struggling on my own, let’s come together and figure out how we can all achieve success…whatever that may be for you.

We want to become the preeminent brand for readers looking for alternative high-quality stories that otherwise might not get seen. We as authors have 1 thing we can share besides money, fame, fortune, and goodwill; audiences. Readers, viewers, reviewers are our new currency. If we endeavor to treat our audiences and readers with care and share them with each other– we all can rise together.

Please check out the new website and join the conversation for better books and happier creatives. We are Naught A Press.