The King's Challenge

Music I wrote inspired by the characters and plot of The King’s Challenge, a companion piece to listen to as you read the book.

The Writers of the Universe

Instrumental Music I wrote inspired by The Writers of the Universe, it is meant to capture the mood and the feelings of the characters within the chapter the song was written for.


Here is an older set of music I made for a concept album called Erosion: A scientist creates a cure for death only to start world war 3 and ends up turning himself into a never dying monster that cannot remember where he came from.

Intercepted Transmissions

Music I wrote with a friend of mine, we called our band Sounds Like Yer Dead, I consider this double album some of the best music I have ever created.


Music I made at the same time I was playing with/creating SLYD – Intercepted Transmissions. On Soundcloud I had to combine both albums into 1 to not go over their limit.

I Am A Sellout

I wrote this album when I was working nights in the NOC at a somewhat accurate weather company.

The Beta Test

This album/EP is really hard to talk about because it was the first one I made totally for myself.

The Worst of the Worst

The Worst of the Worst is a collection of really early songs and demos that should never have left my brain and yet here they are in embarrassingly amateur recorded form.