Write! app: A Review

I was recently granted a copy of Write!, a new semi web based text editor. I promised to give an honest review in exchange for trying the product.

Doodles and fun

As a hobby and as a nice way to relax while watching TV or whatever, and when I am stuck on a particular part of the story I am writing I have found that drawing is a great hobby for me.

Stew's Tunes: Losing Myself

“How could I be the one? I’m just a nobody These days certainly not myself” – Losing Myself – Stew Stunes  A song (and an album) without analog guitar work, how could Stew Stunes make such a thing.

Read it Here Folks!

Back after a long hiatus…or WAZZZZZUP as the kiddos say these days. I’ve decided to serialize my novels right here on this blog by giving all of you direct access to the stories I make.

It's Here!

It finally arrived! The King’s Challenge in print and in my hands. Watch as I unwrap and unbox The King’s challenge and show it off to you!

Where the story began

The story of The King’s Challenge came to me while driving to work late one night.

2 Years and 4 Months

The creation date on my file aptly named kingschallenge_notes reads 7/10/2012, or 2 years and 4 months from beginning to end of writing The King’s Challenge.