The King’s Challenge – Relaunch

Today is April Fools, normally a time for tomfoolery and whatnot, but here on this corner of the internet, we are super serious and hopeful about the release of the new edition of The King’s Challenge.

Preorder – The King’s Challenge

The preorder for the relaunch of The King’s Challenge is available now. The new edition of The King’s Challenge brings new art, better formatting, and an overall cleaner package that is a better representation of the story I wrote.

The Narrative Universe of Chaos

I have created a narrative universe and framework. In which all of the stories I write, exist and build on the foundation of the universe, worlds, and events created during my first book.

Keep The Knowledge

Full reading of a passage from The King’s Challenge called “Keep The Knowledge” Let me know with a Like of comment if you enjoy his format, thanks!

The King's Challenge – Teaser Trailer

In an effort to promote and get this story seen by as many folks as possible, I am planning on putting a very short video series of clips of me reading small bits of The King’s Challenge.

I'll come to you

In an effort to do something about my wish to get my stories and books in front of your eyes, I have started forging a ton of mixed media, so that when I go to a book/comic con or anywhere willing to have me, I’ll be ready to show you who I am and the art I have created within these pages.