STAR CX: Chapter 0 – Prologue

STAR CX Stew Stunes STAR CX is being published in an 8 part serialized format, Verse 1 – A Saga of Starcrossed Souls is the first novella in the series.

Stew's Tunes: Lava

The past week or so, the temperatures been averaging from mid 80s – mid 90s.

Stew's Tunes: My Playlists

I thought I would switch this blog up by instead of featuring just my own music, I’ll add music I listen to that helps inspire my own music and writing.

Stew's Tunes: Fire and Gold

For some reason the bots on Soundcloud seem to like this song, over 2000 playbacks (My most popular song) but 0 likes or comments…hmmm.

Stew's Tunes: Losing Myself

“How could I be the one? I’m just a nobody These days certainly not myself” – Losing Myself – Stew Stunes  A song (and an album) without analog guitar work, how could Stew Stunes make such a thing.

Stew's Tunes – The Lost Boy

“…gives me the hope I need while I read about you withering and dying…I wonder if I’m taking the hope you need, gives me the hope I need.