New Editions and New Books

I have a very big and possible world-changing announcement to make. I will be releasing all new editions of The Writers of the Universe and The King’s Challenge.

Mailing List – Newsletter – Sign up

I invite everyone to sign up to my newly created mailing list. I plan to create at minimum a quarterly newsletter of all that I am creating and writing to keep my fans in the loop.

Preorder STAR CX VS 2

One can now preorder the digital edition of STAR CX: VS. 2 – Her Light Illuminates All and have it delivered 01:01 AM automatically to your Kindle or phone.

Linux for Authors

Linux For Authors Each time I finish a major project or start to think of a new one I like to collect my thoughts on what worked and didn’t work.

The Narrative Universe of Chaos

I have created a narrative universe and framework. In which all of the stories I write, exist and build on the foundation of the universe, worlds, and events created during my first book.