Formatting an Ebook for the Indie Author

I often see posts on Facebook and Twitter lamenting Amazon’s KDP or other sites when self-published authors attempt to upload their book for the first time and struggle to make a professional looking product.

Introducing Among The Clouds

I am putting the finishing touches on the last round of line editing and getting ready for final formatting for print and ebook of my new novel Among The Clouds.

The King’s Challenge – Relaunch

Today is April Fools, normally a time for tomfoolery and whatnot, but here on this corner of the internet, we are super serious and hopeful about the release of the new edition of The King’s Challenge.

Preorder – The King’s Challenge

The preorder for the relaunch of The King’s Challenge is available now. The new edition of The King’s Challenge brings new art, better formatting, and an overall cleaner package that is a better representation of the story I wrote.