Stew's Tunes: Lava

The past week or so, the temperatures been averaging from mid 80s – mid 90s.

Stew's Tunes: My Playlists

I thought I would switch this blog up by instead of featuring just my own music, I’ll add music I listen to that helps inspire my own music and writing.

Stew's Tunes: Fire and Gold

For some reason the bots on Soundcloud seem to like this song, over 2000 playbacks (My most popular song) but 0 likes or comments…hmmm.

Stew's Tunes: Losing Myself

“How could I be the one? I’m just a nobody These days certainly not myself” – Losing Myself – Stew Stunes  A song (and an album) without analog guitar work, how could Stew Stunes make such a thing.

Stew's Tunes – The Lost Boy

“…gives me the hope I need while I read about you withering and dying…I wonder if I’m taking the hope you need, gives me the hope I need.

A New Way To Listen

You can now hear all of my music from past to present on Fanburst. I’ll be organizing all of my music from the very weird beginning till now, over the next couple of days.